Did you know according to some researches, around 27% of the world’s total consumers, i.e., Over 2 million people shop online every day. And on top of that, more than 60% of these, shop online only for Jewelry. Shoppers have been flocking on online jewelry since the beginning of this decade, and why not? With the whole catalogue to choose from, the prices that beat the traditional retail sellers, free shipping at your doorstep, no sales tax, and easy returns if not satisfied, buying a designer jewelry brand piece online is as easy as it sounds.

Buying jewelry is not an easy task for sure, moreover if it’s an expensive one. Quite a research needs to go in as it an enduring investment. Genuineness, purity, condition, craftsmanship, secure payment methods and value for money are the things one should look out for. But buying jewelry online from a reputed store can ease out all such worries. Just do some detective work and find out a trusted online seller who is established since a couple of years as well as recommended by other shoppers, positive feed backs and has active profiles on the major social networking sites. For jewelry sellers Facebook, Pinterest and Tumbler are the ones to check out for. Few other points to ponder upon are like whether the website is informative or not as well as excellent customer service.

A good online seller will have specifications and features displayed with each jewelry piece in detail. Even if you believe that they are missing out on something, you should go ahead and ask, for a genuine seller will have no intentions of hiding any fact. A good seller will definitely have excellent customer service support in place, to guide you even with the weirdest of queries. Moreover, if the store is offering a branded jewelry piece, these factors stand top in the list. Few will also cater to free sample demands as well as offer free perks. The credit for which can be rested with the competitive online jewelry business.

Buying jewelry online and not buying the one which is in trend can be a waste of time, effort and moreover money. With few clicks on Google and following the simple rule of three Rs can help you here. The three Rs are the Red Carpet, Runway and Real life. Trendsetters usually follow a combination of these three while launching a new jewelry collection. All the major established online sellers will have some of these trendiest designer jewelry brand pieces, which will be the ones most sought after.


There can always be one or the other rationale to shop for jewelry on the net, but nothing can beat the gifting and holiday sale edge. Do you know in US, the three holidays i.e., Christmas, Mother’s Day and Valentine’s Day tops with the highest percentage of gift giving and shopping with 96%, 74% and 70% respectively, according to the National Retail Federation (NRF)? So, whether it be preplanned gifting to the loved ones, or emergency rescues for relationships or the last minute holiday shopping; shopping jewelry online can serve the answer to all of these.




Buying jewelry online has its own charm whether you are an e-shopping veteran or a first timer. Just do your little homework and avoid the burn in your pocket sitting right at your home. With careful legwork, you might also be able to crack some best ever deal. So take advantage of it!


Resource Box: The author of the article, Surabhi Vijay who is a fashion fanatic along with being a jewelry collector, recommends which is a online jewellery store for their plentiful unique and elegant design jewelry products and reasonable prices.

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