How to organise household budget with a low income?

organise household

Living on a limited budget with family is hard especially at the end of a month. Every time economy collapses or employment opportunities are scarce, deciding on how to manage the entire household budget with a family can be downright tormenting.

Life may definitely throw some hardships but there isn’t running away from the necessary expenses crucial for a living. As this is something common amongst most families, here’re a few super tips on organising your household budget with a low income and enjoy life equally.

  • Calculate expenses of the entire household that includes cost of utility bills, rent, insurance, medical, mortgage, cost of food, car payment and more. Equate these costs with overall family income if there’s more than one earn and make sure all necessary expenses are being covered within this amount.
  • In case expenses exceed the budget, keep utility bills on priority then food and other house payments. Stress on managing extra income to avoid such deadlock through more challenging and high-paid jobs however; don’t overburden yourself especially if you’re the sole earner.
  • Assess different services your family subscribes to such as entertainment packages for additional movie channels, ultra-fast internet, magazines and such. These are entirely unnecessary when compared with school and other business expenses that are far more critical.
  • Carefully create a meal menu your family plans each week. Dig into coupons, sales ads and other discount schemes where you can get the best quality products at half the price. Just in case you’ve insufficient budget for food, sign a contract with food pantries in the area.
  • Reduce your daily energy consumptions and you’ll actually find a huge difference in total expense. Calibrate the thermostat to more or less 68 degrees or moderate temperature that’s comfortable without over consumption.

Make the most of usual winter wears such as blankets, sweaters, jackets, uppers and more. Invest in energy efficient electronics that are common nowadays, usually labelled as “green products”.

  • Don’t forget turning OFF the television and light bulbs especially appliances such as televisions and computer. Leaving them on standby mode would keep on adding to the electricity cost.
  • There’s nothing wrong shopping at thrift stores and flea market! In-fact, you may find excellent bargains on quality products. The only thing you need is time to sweep every stall to buy products. If you’re purchasing second-hand clothing goods, do wash them before use.
  • Keep on saving every nickel, dime, penny and quarter that you get. Once the jar is filled to the top without any space left, exchange them for paper notes and treat the family with a movie, a dinner, dessert or enjoy at amusement park.

Tips & precautions

  • Before taking some extreme measures like approaching a financial institution or engaging in dual jobs; always consult family, friends and charity institutes for assistance.
  • Always move with an optimistic spirit as hard times don’t last forever and one who survives rise up learning a critical lesson out of life.


Organising your household budget from the above tips is easy and you’ll garner positive results.


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