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Perfect Service

Rajesh had been running his company Genosoft for the last 7 years in Gobindpur. His company worked on web hosting works and the business was expanding gradually. After 7 years of continued success, Rajesh decided that he will shift his business to Jamshedpur, where the clientele will be quite high. Important it is here to mention that Rajesh’s company mainly runs on the local clients rather than the international clients. So, Rajesh’s plan was a very natural one.

However, he knew that he had a herculean works ahead to execute his plan. Dealing with the employees, selecting the place of office in Jamshedpur, making the financial arrangements and so on so forth, all these options were there. However, he had another very important thing to do, and he knew that he would have to select the right service for that. It was relocating the office items. In fact there were a lot of furniture items in the office and for relocating them a relocation company with proper man power would be the right choice.

This was the reason that the Rajesh started to talk with the nearby relocation services.However, most of the regional services refused when they witnessed the amount of items they would have to shift. Rajesh was concerned now as he did not have a proper option for the relocation now. This was the time when one of his employees mentioned of APM India Relocation to him. He mentioned that this Packers and Movers Jamshedpur company offers the finest options for the long distance relocations.

Rajesh took the number of the service from his employee and called there.A welcoming voice addressed him and asked his requirement. He briefed them the situation as well as the requirement that he had. The person on the phone assured him that everything will be taken care of properly. At the same time, he also fixed a meeting with Rajesh.

On the mentioned name and date, a representative came to Rajesh and he mentioned every detail to him. When Rajesh was finished with the briefing, then he patiently calculated and gave the quote, which was met with his expectations. The both agreed and the representative departed with the proper assurance.

Just before the day of relocation, a team was send from APM to inspect the goods to be relocated. They arrived, checked, took note and tagged them. The next day a few trucks came to the place along with handful of people. They arranged the entire thing and carried all the furniture and goods very careful inside the trucks. When it was dusk, the trucks headed for the destination.

Rejesh took a train to Jamshedpur the next day. He reached to the place and found that the trucks were already there 24 hours prior. After the entire unloading process was done Rajesh and his men carefully checked the furniture items and were satisfied with their state. They were in the best shape. Rajesh was really moved by the professional and careful approach of the company and thanked them later for their proper work.

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