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Love is a friendship that has caught fire. It is quiet understanding, mutual confidence, sharing and forgiving. It is loyalty through good and bad times. Pooja and Manish’s friendship too caught fire and love happened. They both work in a software firm in Chandigarh. When Pooja joined the office, Manish was her team leader. They both started chatting and the late night chat sessions turned into phone talks and then it didn’t take much time for them to fall in love. Weekdays became their meeting days. They both enjoyed each other’s company. They belonged to each other. It was the happiest day in Pooja’s life when Manish came on his knees with a ring in his hand and said ‘Pooja will you marry me?’ The answer was obvious. She immediately said yes. They decided to inform their parents about this. Their parents met and they didn’t have any problem with their decision. They fixed the marriage date after consulting the pandit and sent invitations to friends and relatives.

There were happy smiles on their faces on their wedding day. At last they were going to be each other’s officially. The best wishes and greetings came from friends and relatives. Before her wedding Pooja lived alone in a rented flat in Chandigarh and her parents lived in Gurdaspur. Now she had her furniture and other stuff to be shifted in Manish’s family residence in Chandigarh. It was no easy task for them to do. Manish’s father told him to hire APM India relocation service as they are one of the best packers and movers in Chandigarh. Manish called their city branch office. A pleasant voice greeted him from the other side. Manish told him about the issue and the person assured him that the shifting will be done safely without any hassle and that too at reasonable charges. Manish found the offer very impressive and immediately affirmed on it.

The next day their team came with a truck. They seemed well mannered and trained professionals. Without wasting any time they surveyed the stuff and made a list. Then they started packing the furniture. The packaging material used by them was of high quality. After furniture came the turn of smaller items such as glasswares and other stuff. Everything was neatly and safely packed to ensure zero damage. Then they loaded everything on the truck.  They took the address from Manish and drove off.

On reaching home Manish learned that they were already there and about to unload the stuff. The unloading took place smoothly and safely. They were very gentle with the delicate stuff. Then they finally placed everything in appropriate places and left. Manish and Pooja were really amazed by their swift and safe service which was super affordable. They took a sigh of relief as their problem was solved.

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