Reasons on why men choose to be sperm donors

sperm donors

What is the motivating factor for a young man to be a sperm donor? There are plenty of reasons and one thing you would hear very often is I want to earn some money. But beyond these the sperm donors have a complex reason which they need to explore as far as donation of sperm is concerned. When a donor is asked, what prompts you towards sperm donation, a number of interesting answers are bound to emerge.

So, what are the trends which most of the top sperm banks in Navi Mumbai have to say?


Most of us need a little extra bit of cash, and for most men after the initial round of screening, the time to have a healthy bank balance seems a bit favourable. Some of the top-notch banks go on to pay $ 125 per donated samples of sperm. These are flexible structures which part time students, workers or arts can explore as a supplement to their extra income.


Some people are of the view that they have no interest in raising children, but have a strong desire to reproduce or pass on their genes in a different way. Most of them are in touch with their selfish inner gene, which stresses on the fact that all living creatures have a desire to reproduce and leave some form of evidence on this earth.


The nature of some people is that they always want to help others. They are on the lookout to do good deeds and this may be a motivating factor in donating sperm. Many donors are of the view that they have done a lot of good deeds like donating blood, or some of them may be registered organ donors. Their general tendency is that they want to help people who want to have children on their own and they are not able to do so for issues of their own. In their quest, they are of the opinion that donating sperm is an easy way to do so.

The process of sperm donation

When you are off to a sperm bank in Navi Mumbai, you may think that it is an easy process but the reality is harsh from the truth.  A host of responsibilities is associated with you being a sperm donor in the first place. You need to be careful as you are creating another life.

When profiles of a sperm donor are picked, it is generally suggested that you carry your childhood photo and a brief report about your medical history. Some sperm banks event turn away the donors if they do not have a college degree. This may sound a bit strange but these are the preferences of some of the clients. Most of the banks have a minimum age bracket of 18 years to be a sperm donor and the upper age group is 40 years, though some banks may relax the age criteria.

As part of the screening process, you have to undertake routine tests and give a sample of your sperm. This is studied over a course of time to figure out whether your sperm will suit the criteria. You should be free from any form of sexual disease and you are not allowed to take part in any sexual activities days prior to donating sperm.

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