Samsung Galaxy Note 5: Here you go

Samsung Galaxy Note 5

Why everyone on the web talking about the Samsung Galaxy Note 5, what is so special? Don’t you want to know? Well, it seems like before the actual release, people have over rated the release of Galaxy Note 5. And the reason is very simple as Samsung is going to integrate the best processor, 4GB RAM, 4K display and powerful battery.

The recent Samsung smartphone also put light on the future launching Galaxy Note 5, for example smartphone Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge – it’s a truly unique device. At the moment it is the leader of the entire market both in performance and on innovation. Most likely, the situation will not change until the end of the summer, to the point where the Korean manufacturer has introduced the world to the next generation of Note 5 or Note 5 Edge. As for the price Galaxy S6 Edge is priced in tons, not because of curved modification, everything is different and it actually works smooth. Yes, we have a very powerful, productive device with different housing materials. However, the device is devoid of same image component as Edge or iPhone 6. This comparison crammed on edge. Samsung openly competes with Apple, building its pricing policy. However, why the buyer should pay for the ambitions of the manufacturer – is unclear. And it could happen in case of Samsung Galaxy Note 5.

However, the Samsung’s new pricing policy, which came with Galaxy S6 Edge, is suffering with falls. As, after the publication of reports of sales of Apple and the Korean electronics giant, it is clear that the strategy is not working and Samsung head-on with competition. People dependent on stereotypes, which sat in their heads: iPhone – it’s cool; it’s status and the point! So far, to convince customers of the superiority of the same Galaxy S6 Edge (and, on all fronts) Koreans obtained only in part. And with ahead in the processing, power, camera and display Samsung would reach another milestone, but would it be enough to define the success with the new stair the Galaxy Note 5? Is still a question, but fans are shouting, commenting and searching for the Note 5. Just because of the trust Samsung has built in the market. Although, the launch of Apple iPhone 6S Plus would definitely affect the sales of Galaxy Note 5.

There is also one big question going in the mind of people, that Samsung Galaxy Note 5 release date would be earlier to the release date of Apple iPhone 6S Plus? Well, as per the market study if Samsung would launch the Galaxy Note 5 earlier then it would favor the total sales, or else it would be little difficult for Samsung to create a big room in terms of sales in the market, just after the Apple iPhone 6S Plus release.

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