Is SAP ABAP Course worth studying today?


ABAP, an acronym for advanced business application programming, is categorized as a high-level programming language created by the company SAP SE, a German software giant. Alongside Java, it is the language that is used for programming the Application Server from SAP. It is one of the several application specific languages created in the 1980s. It introduced the concept of Logical Databases, which are highly abstracted from basic databases. ABAP is regularly within the top 30 of the Tiobe Index, which is an approximate estimation of the popularity of programming languages.

Here are some benefits of having a SAP ABAP system in a company:

  1. Increased Productivity: With a SAP system in place, the need for redundant entry of data in various software programs in eliminated. This can reduce the number of communication struggles that are common with facets of a company that are separate, yet interdependent.

In the absence of a SAP system, companies are forced to rely on different software programs and platforms to input statistics and number and to generate analysis reports. This may not be as seamless as in the case of a unified system, and a lot of time is utilized in combining data from the various sections of a company into one overall report.

  1. Cost Savings: Using single software to keep track of all the data is going to turn out much cheaper than buying multiple software and licenses for multiple departments of a company. Often, since this software will be used on a number of computers, the licenses are expensive for commercial purposes. By reducing even one software, thousands of dollars can potentially be saved.
  2. Consistent Operations: Knowing how to use SAP software can pay great dividends in terms of efficiency of an organization. IT will ensure that all the departments of a company are on the same page. With consistent stat reporting and analysis, the top-level management will be able to get an idea of how the company is running. Goal setting also becomes much easier. This will allow them to collaborate and ensure that everyone is striving towards the same end goal.
  3. Easy to learn and use: With extensive documentation and multiple SAP ABAP tutorials available, it is easy for recruits and employees to get familiar with the software. The longer it takes for them to acclimatize to the software, the higher the number of man hours lost.

Clearly, SAP ABAP is very relevant today. Gaining proficiency in this language will ensure that you are invaluable to companies. In fact, creating own ABAP programs for a commercial environment is precisely what most companies require.

A large number of legacy systems have been coded in ABAP. As a result, there is no need for converting it to any other language. ABAP by itself is quite robust and is one of the most reliable platforms to develop any sort of business applications. A recent survey by the job portal revealed that since 2014, the percentage of jobseekers looking for ABAP Developers had increased significantly. All in all, ABAP is a handy and powerful tool that will continue to be relevant in the coming years.

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