Secret to get 10x YouTube views using Fb linker

YouTube views using Fb linker

The way YouTube works is quite amazing, it uses an algorithm to factor video views and how much exposure an advert might get, thus converting the views into monetary compensation. This is such a big deal as to why it is important to keep a track of your views and how you should make your video get more views.

The key to getting more video clicks and views is by using captivating titles and persuasive pictures as thumbnails. A combination of these two factors along with an active promotion through all social media websites can combine to give you a big amount of views.

With the help of a great customized YouTube to Facebook thumbnail, you can really push your video through and garner a whole audience of people.

How do you go about this?

Once you have edited and compiled your video, you can then go ahead and make a compelling thumbnail. A picture with a reference to the video, but without revealing any important details works best. The picture should also contain enough information and should be very tempting towards people in the target audience.

It should ideally contain a bright and clear image along with a catchy phrase and an action shot or the person in the video. Let us look at these criteria in detail and assess as to how you can also incorporate these into your video.

  • Clear and bright images: This concept is simple, yet many fail to capitalize on it. With vibrant images depicting the right amount of information, you can easily get the attention of some users and even anyone not from the target audience.
  • Phrase: It is essential that you include a very discreet yet impulsive bunch of words, which may not necessarily relate to the video, but is sure to grab the focus of users. Doing so with a good image as a thumbnail can do wonders. It is by far the most effective tool of getting a compelling thumbnail.
  • Face shot: When taking a screen grab, it is important that you capture the face of the person who is the main character in the video. Whether it is them doing something intuitive or just smiling at the camera, a human face is appealing enough to consumers and they are bound to get intrigued by such a prospect.
  • Action shot: If your video involves a lot of action, explosion or slow-motion capture, an intuitive picture of the movement can be appealing to the masses. Such a picture used as thumbnail does not even need to appeal directly to the target audience; it will also widely appeal to the masses.

Using the Fblinker you can customize a YouTube to Facebook thumbnail. It allows you to share a full image of your picture on the social media site, without clogging it up with unnecessary details of the URL. It also helps your link stand out, as there is no clutter around it and people seeing it for the first time will see a different sort of link, than the ones around the website.

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