Setting The Trend With Promotional Products

Promotional Products

In business, we all know how important it is to make a positive impression on potential customers. The market is flooded with companies who are trying to win the business of customers. With a seemingly constant addition of new competitors that you have to deal with, the most important thing you can do is come up with strategies that will help set you apart. Of course, you think of the standard things that companies do to achieve this separation, like an attractive logo, flashy marketing materials, and memorable messaging. One tactic that sometimes gets overlooked is the use of promotional products. Custom branding high quality promotional products provides a tangible extension of your brand to potential customers. If you are looking for ways to beat your competitors to market and into the minds of consumers, this is a great way to do it. Many companies use promotional products for not only attracting new customers, but also for retaining existing ones. Other uses can include helping with brand awareness, rewarding employees and new products launches.

Many times companies get stuck doing the same old things and expecting better results. However, standing still is an easy way to let your competitors pass you by. Don’t be afraid to be bold and unique in order to “disrupt” the marketing status quo. Doing so can potentially yield some impressive results. Of course the key is to select items that people will actually use. The last thing you want to do is spend money on promotional products that people will toss in the garbage. To get the best return on investment, try and understand your audience and their behavior to choose items that they will use and in turn, help you market your products or services. Some innovative products include the following.

Smartphone Cases

Seemingly everyone has a smartphone nowadays. Why not print your custom logo or messaging on smartphone cases and hand them out to consumers? If the cases are attractive, you will achieve the adoption that you seek. If you provide promotional products at yearly events and conventions, you could provide cases for the new phone models.

USB Drives

USB drives are the type of promotional product that most all people have a use for. Businesses can add their logo on the drives to custom brand them. They can also upload files to the drive, like electronic brochures, so people can view them. This is a great way to give something practical and extremely useful for potential clients.


Calendars can also be a popular item for people to receive. They are relatively cheap to produce but can be effective. You can use each of the spreads to promote different things about your company.

At AlphaGraphics in Phoenix, we can produce promotional products for your business. We have an almost endless selection for you to choose from and can add your branding to practically any product. Stop by or call us today and let us help you get the promotional products you need for your business.

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