What Is the Story behind the Malcha Mahal in Delhi?

Malcha Mahal in Delhi

Delhi, the capital of India is encompassed with a few baffling stories and myths. Some are genuine stories in fact. The principal explanation for this is the vicinity of various chronicled landmarks and structures. Delhi is administered with numerous landmarks that identify with a few Mughal Dynasties. Secrets begin developing with these spots. In this article one such spooky spot in Delhi, the Malcha Mahal is discussed about. Take a minute to read through this.

Situated in Delhi edge on Bistdari Road close Delhi Earth Station, Malcha Mahal is a popular spot in the capital. Since situated in Bistdari Road this Mahal is additionally called Bistdari Mahal. So if you are coming to the city by a Chandigarh to Delhi taxi, then make sure you halt at this spot for a few minutes. Of course, only if you are a braveheart!


The primary point of building this spot was that it served as a group house for the villagers living in Malcha. The Begum of Oudh, Princess Wilayat Mahal was the considerable granddaughter of Nawab Wajid Ali Shah. Their property was seized by British hundreds of years prior and the Begum was battling for winning back the property.

After heaps of battle, this spot was at last dispensed to the Begum and she began to dwell here along with her two children. This was not for long though. On the fateful day of 10th December, 1993, the Begum submitted to suicide out of serious mental weight allowing her children to sit unbothered. Princess Sakina and Prince Riaz, her two children yelled for help keeping in mind the end goal to spare their mom’s life. But their cries stayed unanswered. The Begum’s body lied in her study for 10 days and her children grieved over it. On June 24th, 1994, the youthful kin got panicked since a few outsiders attempted to assault this spot and they needed to cover their mom’s dead body.

Since the time the Begum’s body was buried, it was noticed that the spot turned spooky. No one has been seen entering this spot after this episode. People have reported that a few columnists who entered this spot stayed away forever. From that point forward this spot is avoided by everybody. Nearby individuals say that they hear unusual clamors from inside the Mahal. The commotion fundamentally incorporates a cry of a lady in torment. They say that it is the Begum’s last cry before her demise. Despite the fact that the Begum’s children are still alive inside the Mahal, however they were never seen by anybody. It is trusted that after such embarrassment and after the unfortunate passing of their mom, the duo chose an existence like this.

Albeit nobody knows the real story behind the vanishing of the siblings, it is believed that they are dead and their spirits frequent the Mahal with a specific end goal to take revenge against their mom’s fierce demise. It is suggested that you visit this spot so as to unravel the mystery.

There are many more haunted hotels, roads, houses and guest houses in Delhi that are haunted and have been a topic of sheer terror and goosebumps. So if you are one of those who is ever enthusiastic to unearth the vast secrets and mysteries that remain shrouded in such places, then start with the Malcha Mahal. Good luck!

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