Symptoms and treatments for Reynaud’s disease

treatments for Reynaud’s disease

If one finds that their toes and fingers are changing colours due to a dip in the temperature then there is a chance that one is suffering from Reynaud’s disease. It is mainly a spasm of blood vessels and it largely affects the blood circulation in the toes and fingers. Sometimes, it can also affect the ears, lips, tips of the nose and the nipples. The symptoms can flare up when one is in too much of stress.

The discolouration of fingers and toes can happen because there is a narrowing of blood vessels. The duration and the severity of the symptoms mainly depend on the extent of the spasm the blood vessels suffer from. One can go for good Ayurvedic medicine for Reynaud’s disease. But before that, one should know the major symptoms of this disease.

Symptoms of Reynaud’s Syndrome

Here are a few major symptoms of the disease:

  • Change of colour in toes and fingers and sometimes in a few other areas from pale white to blue and purple. This can also be accompanied by numbness.
  • Feeling of coldness in toes, fingers, skin of ears, lips, tip of nose and other areas.
  • A prickly sensation when heat is applied on these areas and there is a change of colour into red as blood returns to those areas.
  • There can also be some itching and swelling in the mentioned areas.

Causes of Reynaud’s Disease

The actual cause behind this disease has not been found out yet but it is said that exposure to severe cold can always cause these abnormal spasms in the blood vessels and they obstruct the flow of blood. If this keeps continuing for a long duration then the affected areas can also suffer from oxygen deficiency and that is why; the discolouration takes place. This disease is mainly noticed among people who live in extremely cold regions or the ones who suffer from extreme stress.

Treatment for Reynaud’s Disease

Here are some effective treatment ideas:

  • Protection of limbs against extreme cold and trauma or injuries
  • Improving blood circulation in the limbs and extremities
  • Relieving spasm that is happening in the blood vessels

One also needs to stay warm, do regular exercise and quit bad habits like smoking to avoid this disease.

Ayurvedic treatment for Reynaud’s Disease:

Here are some Ayurvedic treatment ideas for this particular disease:

  • Blood Letting or Rakta Mokshana
  • The correction of the dosha imbalances like the pitta and vata in blood vessels.
  • Pouring of medical liquids so that there is an improvement in blood circulation.

Medications that can be taken internally as Ayurvedic solution for Reynaud’s disease are:

Kaishora Guggulu

As it promotes the health of joints and is a natural blood cleanser.

Chandraprabha Vati

To reduce diabetes and urinary tract diseases.

Mahamanjishthadi Kashaya

For the treatment of skin diseases.

 One can also use Aloe Vera pulp and tamarind leaves in  4:1 ratio and then form a fine paste to apply in the affected areas. Doing it for a week or 2 can give positive results.


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