How to take care of your sick kid

care of your sick kid

There can be no tensed moment in your life as much as your kids falling sick. It is a painful sight to watch your kids fall ill and be bedridden. Kids are cute when they are running around the house and being naughty. That is what they are meant to be. But, sometimes, due to many reasons, they tend to fall ill. Though those are the most painful times in your life, you should know that these are all natural things happening to all humans. With good care your kids will again be on their feet in no time.

Here are some tips for the parents on how to look after their kids –

Firstly, you must understand that your kids are humans too. They will fall ill like all others. There is no need to panic and become hyper about it. Relax and do what is to be done. If you are upset and do not know what to do, how can the poor child take care of itself? So, be brave and act fast.

You must know that all fevers and colds are not dangerous. Some can be treated at home while others need special medical attention. Instead of running to the hospital on the first minute of illness, try to find the cause for it. Use some good old home remedies and when everything fails, consult the best child specialist doctors in Mumbai.

Negligence is not a good attitude, especially when little kids fall sick. If the fever or sickness continuous for two days, do not delay in contacting a doctor. Young children may not handle the diseases as strongly as grownups. So, good medicine and treatment at the right time is very vital.

Little kids are prone to infection easily. They play in the mud, run in the sunlight and skip meals. So, be very cautious about their diet and cleanliness. Make it a mandatory rule that they wash hands before eating anything. Tell them to wash their face, feet and hands whenever they enter the house from outside.

Inculcate the habit of eating healthy from a young age. Food is the main cause for most of our diseases. Make sure that the children eat healthy and nutritious food every day. Avoid giving them high calorie, unhealthy nod oily junk food.

When the kid is lying on the bed with illness, it is your duty to give him your full attention. Look after the child, be by his bed, reading him stories and talking with him. If they find you along with them, they will not fear anything. Your emotional support says a lot during such tough times.

Make the child comfortable when he or she is recuperating from illness. Let the house be quite without sounds, the bed should be clean and comfortable, give them hot soup or porridge as suggested by the specialists.

These are the few things that you can do to take care of your children when they are sick. Remember to contact one among the top 10 paediatricians in Mumbai if the illness persists.


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