5 Common Issues users face when downloading an app and how to resolve them

Common Issues users face when downloading an app

So you find an interesting application on the respective app directory of your phone. You excitedly press the download button, only to receive an error message that your smartphone is unable to download the specific app. annoying right! According to statistics, the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store contains 3.8 million and 2 million apps respectively. A report by Statista shows that users downloaded approximately 197 billion apps in 2017 while an average user makes use of roughly nine apps per day.  Furthermore, comScore reports that the majority…

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Is SAP ABAP Course worth studying today?


ABAP, an acronym for advanced business application programming, is categorized as a high-level programming language created by the company SAP SE, a German software giant. Alongside Java, it is the language that is used for programming the Application Server from SAP. It is one of the several application specific languages created in the 1980s. It introduced the concept of Logical Databases, which are highly abstracted from basic databases. ABAP is regularly within the top 30 of the Tiobe Index, which is an approximate estimation of the popularity of programming languages….

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5 Coolest Mobile Technologies To Try

Coolest Mobile Technologies

Well, I know how much a relief your smart phones are in your daily life. Right from the moment you get up in the morning to the moment you drop with complete exhaust on your bed, your mobile is all the time as close to you and as much like your saviour. I mean, just think, from the alarms, schedules, mails, chats, planners and To-do lists, the mobile phone is one final destination to every issue. So, now that your mobile is so helpful with the work, entertainment shouldn’t be…

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Common Internet Marketing Mistakes

Internet Marketing Mistakes

With thousands of entrepreneurs and businesses flocking to the Internet to open web sites the second dot-com boom is here. They want to promote their business or what they envision as a business on the internet. The fact is that Internet marketing is much like operating businesses in the real world. But many entrepreneurs are making several mistakes when it comes to implementing their dreams of creating a web-based business. They may be attempting to provide their products or service directly from their site, or simply using their site to…

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Google AdSense Income And also Affiliate Advertising

Google AdSense Income

Should you decide are an affiliate marketer who has a market content wealthy website,such as RankTopTen,  you can easily make additional income by joining the Google AdSense system. Google definitely will show relevant ads in your content pages and PAY YOU each time your website visitors just ‘click’ among the advertisements. They don’t need to purchase anything or perhaps join any sort of ‘memberships’. All your valuable website visitors need to do is Click on the advertisement and YOU get paid! Starting is easy. Google definitely will arranged an account…

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Online Marketing in Adelaide is Gaining Massive Momentum

digital marketing

The effective online marketing in Adelaide has by now helped several big and small businesses to grow their businesses online with remarkable differences. There are numerous online marketing agencies that are operating in the market and very competently offer the best of the online marketing services to their clients. The online marketing agencies in Adelaide very efficiently execute the latest and most effective strategies and trends that are continuously evolving with the promise to provide the best of outcomes for their esteemed clients. The best part is that, the online…

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