How to Tell if A Certification Will Add Any Value to your Professional Profile


International Certifications have today become the modern qualifiers for a job in almost any sector, for a suitably skilled professional. Not to mention, most leading employers globally actually insist that their applicants have valid certifications in their respective functions.

As a result, certification organizations are also growing manifold. Today, anyone who can design and print a certificate offers certifications without any particular expertise or real value addition.

What does all this lead to?

More and more people today are getting certified by dubious organizations and institutions without the least adequate amount of expertise, education or experience- and this is not really leading to any particular value addition to their profile. Certification granting entities are mushrooming all over the world and only a handful are respected and deliver results where it actually matters, and most of them are outright hoaxes.

Here are a few steps that you can use to ensure that the certification that you choose to pursue will actually help your career growth and employment –

  1. Check for The Qualification Criteria- Prequalification or Qualification criteria is one of the most important as well as the most valid aspects to check. Most of the authentic and genuine certification organizations comprise several components or functions built into their entire certification mechanism. These may include skills assessment, domain specific training and development and a reference check. Some prior industry experience must also be a prerequisite for qualifying for the certification, standardized and set forth by the certification organization
  2. Renown and Recognition – Renown and recognition of an international certification is also of primary importance to the certification holder. If a certification organization is not recognized in the industry, it will not add much value to the certification holder. International Certifications, such as the Talent Management Institute’s certification in Talent Management and Human Capital Management, are acknowledged and accepted in more than 100 countries across the world. These kinds of credentials are truly international certifications and can be pursued without any apprehension.
  3. Industry Acceptance – The next step in the entire process of choosing the correct international certification from the right certification organizations that will actually provide tangible benefits to the certification holder is Industry Acceptance. Also called peer acceptance, this is one of the key factors in the entire selection process. One should have direct conversations and discussions with practicing industry professionals, experienced personnel, industry experts and customers to accurately assess what exactly will give one the much-needed edge over others in the race.
  4. Workforce Certifications– Many leading progressive organizations in the market today are choosing to offer workforce certifications to their employees. This includes training and development on a particular skill or knowledge aspect, followed by a credential imparted by a reputed institution. Not only does this help develop the talent pool, it also ensures that you are at par with your peers. So check with your talent managers if your employer is currently running any such type of workforce certifications programs.

It is important to select the right certification based on the methods mentioned above. Most importantly, however, it is important to keep your finger on the pulse of your industry and the market and choose the international certifications whose value you can be sure about.

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