TheOneSpy: A Blessing For Everyone


Are you the concerned parent of teenager who spends suspiciously long amounts of time on the internet? Are you the spouse to someone who doesn’t let you read their emails or text messages? Are you an employer who fears that his employees might share confidential business ideas with other companies to make some money? Well then we have some exciting news for you, because the solution to all your problems is here and it’s called TheOneSpy app.

What is TheOneSpy?

TheOneSpy is a spying application which you can use to monitor each and every thing someone is doing on their mobile phones. Everything from their contacts list to their current location is available to you 24/7. 

In what scenarios can I use TheOneSpy?

Have you ever wondered why your child’s academic record is sliding down recently, are you concerned about the sort of people he meets or talks to or what sort of content he is streaming online, does he keep on asking for privacy and try to avoid conversations with you. Don’t take this matter lightly, your child’s well wellbeing and his future depends on it. It’s your responsibility to not let him or her indulge in activities which they will regret later in life. Internet porn and gambling addiction are real threats to your child and it’s up to you to save your children.

Your spouse comes home late and spends lesser and lesser time with you every day, you see them laughing while on social media but they don’t laugh when they’re with you, you feel like they undermine, mislead and lie to you about the people they meet or they were with and you have no way to find out if they’re really lying or is it just something in your head. You think they are cheating on you but you don’t know how to prove it. If you really love your significant other, you need to find the truth either save your relationship or end it before it turns abusive. You just need to find the truth and come to peace with yourself.

You have worked really hard to start a small business, you have great ideas but it’s a competitive market out there. One of your employees seems extremely suspicious regarding your recent idea that is potentially worth gigantic profits. You don’t want to accuse anyone of thievery but his activities keep triggering your concern. He wants to get as much depth as possible on the new project and wants to handle the entire thing himself. He keeps insisting on taking the business models home for an extra in depth analysis and you’re afraid he might sell your idea to your competition but you have no way to inspect if he’s really selling you out.

TheOneSpy can be used in all the above scenarios and more to clear your minds of the haunting thoughts. Just by installing a simple app you can put a little spy in someone’s phone that will get you all the answers you need. 

What features does TheOneSpy Offer?

TheOneSpy offers more than a 100 useful features, some of which include.

  • Monitoring Internet and web browser history and viewing bookmarks.
  • Recording calls, checking call history and caller locations.
  • View sent and received SMSs and iMessages.
  • Spy on social media such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Snapchat, Viber, Skype and many more.
  • Using their phone as a bugging device, you can use the camera and microphone to record surrounding sounds at anytime.
  • Get access to camera roll, photo gallery and take screenshots.
  • View emails, Gmail and mailing contact list.
  • Restrict certain callers and remotely block apps.
  • Track GPS locations, location history and see travel routes.
  • Get notification alerts on SIM change, prohibited location entry and geo fence alert.
  • Set preferences for data upload and pause or activate the location anytime.

How much does TheOneSpy cost?

There are different plans available for both IOS and Android devices which you can see on the app’s website. You can even get a free trial demo and an instructional tutorial video there. But as a special discount for Christmas, TheOneSpy have announced a flat 50% off on all plans.

So avail this limited time discount offer and get your hands on this amazing app as soon as possible.

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