Things to avoid while writing a scholarship essay

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Scholarships are an effective way to finance the education of the needy students who cannot afford it. There are many schools, colleges and universities that run scholarship aid programs. Students are required to submit an effectively written application essay on the basis of which they are awarded these scholarships. Follow the guide below to know about things that you must avoid in writing a successful scholarship application:

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Don’t write in a hurry:

Writing an application paper for scholarship is a very time consuming task. It requires you to be focused and attentive, for writing a successful paper as you need to present yourself in the best possible manner as a deserving candidate for the scholarship. Your paper needs to be written in an effective manner, showing the committee that you don’t only have thorough knowledge about the institute, its financial aid program and its requirements, but you are also the right candidate for the scholarship. So, you must spend some time in gathering all the required information for writing an effective application. Don’t rush and write in a hurry as it will lower the quality of your paper and you will fail to make a good impression on the committee with your paper. For writing an effective application, outline it, gather all the required information, brainstorm ideas and then write your paper.

Don’t use boring language:

Your paper should just not be an application requesting for a scholarship, but it should be inspiring and motivational, presenting yourself as the most deserving candidate for the scholarship. It should not be boring at all that the committee doesn’t even bother to read it till the end. Try to present your request in the form of a story. Don’t use cliché sentences and overused phrases. Make it engaging, personal and exciting.

Don’t write a sob story:

Presenting your application in the form of a story is considered the best way to write a winning paper, but sometimes students make their applications sound like a sob story which end up getting rejected by the committee. Know that scholarships are not granted because you have a hard time. These are given to students who can use them in an effective manner for their betterment and to achieve something. There are a lot of people who go through hard times, but it doesn’t mean they all are eligible for getting scholarships. So, don’t whine about your hard times. In fact, make your story as a positive and an inspirational one. Present it as a success against adversity so that they consider you as someone who can defeat the odds and like to give you a scholarship. Don’t beg for the money, earn it.

Don’t be a perfectionist:

Presenting yourself as a deserving candidate doesn’t mean you act like you are a perfectionist and don’t have any flaw. It makes the committee feel that your story is unrealistic or you are lying. So, be real and true. Be yourself, don’t act like someone that you are not because the committee can sense it and if they find out that you have lied, your application will be rejected.

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