legacy application migration strategy clear competitive edge

legacy application migration

With the continuous evolution of IT technology, more and more old platforms are turning obsolete and the programs and software associated with it no longer remain compatible. Businesses often face the challenge of upgrading to the latest operating system, latest programs and computer languages, etc. One such significant example is the case of AS 400 applications. IBM System i which introduced Application System 400 years back won many accolades and helped many enterprises in terms of innovation and support.

legacy application migration

The challenge of migrating AS 400 applications to today’s operating systems like Windows and Linux can indeed be bothersome. legacy application migration is the task only an expert can deal with better. Whether you want to migrate AS 400 applications to Windows or Linux, an expert can easily help you with the task.

Programs and software developed by IT companies in the past were based on IBM AS 400 or System i because it gave a clear edge to their purpose and business goals. Machine level database proficiency, better stability, common acceptance in the IT industry, as well as a great support from IBM are some of the benefits that AS 400 users enjoyed.

legacy application migration

Now as the technological scene has changed so much, legacy application migration is a painstakingly obvious necessity. Better virtual environment such as Red Hat Linux and VMWare, sophisticated Oracle database, etc. are some of the leverages that must be applied for a smooth function of an IT entity. Hence, it is best to get an legacy migration expert to help migrate AS 400 applications (or be it the COBOL, DDS, CL, or RPG code) to Windows, Linux, Unix, etc. You can also use the expertise for executing the whole database on Oracle.

So, If you choose best legacy application migration strategy. You get best result. We can say,a timely migration certainly facilitates a clear competitive edge.

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