Tips and Tricks to get creative with Plazo Suits

Plazo Suits

The Indian fashion industry is trending at a rapid pace. Today, Plazo Suits every Indian woman is looking for attire that matches her taste and personality. While today the markets are flooded with western wear, we keep looking for something that is classy as well as ethnic and can deliver style and comfort together.

The traditional Salwar kameez has always hold a top position in the list of ethnic wear for Indian women, however, today, when ladies are on a hunt of new styles and trends to dress them up, the designers have to be constantly creative in order to keep their customers happy, and so the Palazzo pants were invented. Palazzo suits are a new genre in the Salwar Kameez community that is winning the hearts of many girls these days. The reason for this is this one versatile garment when clubbed with different kinds of uppers gives a very trendy, comfortable and stylish look.

Plazo Suits

How it all started?

Fashion Industry is like a vicious circle and the old saying goes perfectly with it “what goes, comes back”. The designers went back in time and came up with the idea of reinventing the so popular elephant pants of the 70’s and team it with the modern trends of the industry. That is how, the Plazo suits for girls was invented.

These suits are nothing but loose wide trousers made out of light weight fabrics like chiffon, georgette, thin cotton and net to give it a flowy look. The best part about this garment is that it is perfect for every shape and size, especially for women, who are heavy at the bottom. The palazzo pants are a perfect blend of western as well as ethnic style and appropriate for all kind of occasions, be it formal or casual. Indian girls like to pair it with long straight kurtas to give it an Indo-western look, but this outfit is not limited to the Indian boundaries only. It has captured the attention of International fashion designers resulting in innovative outcomes. The Plazo pants have gained the popularity at such a level that today you would find at least one pair of plazo suit in every woman’s wardrobe.

Tricks to Style a Palazzo

There are times you buy stuff but are confused what you should do to add glamour to your outfit. There are various ways in which you can play with Plazo suits to put in that extra touch of charm in your look. Below are some tricks and tips that can help you looking like a chic with this humble garment:-

  1. Choose the correct design according to the occasion – Not every colour or design goes in every occasion. You have to be creative and sensible in deciding the perfect choice of the occasion. You always have the flexibility to mix and match with different colours of Kurtas to make it look more cool.
  1. Accessorise it – Like any other outfit, same rules apply to Plazo’s as well. If you are wearing a plain simple plazo suit, then use big chunky pieces to add the glamour quotient, and if you are wearing bold colours, then minimize the size and brightness. Other than jewellery, you can use ethic slippers and clutches to add drama to your outfit.
  1. Try different Hairdo’s – If you are wearing a suit that has lot shimmer and glitter, then do light make up with different hairstyles like loose curls or messy bun. There are varieties of hairstyles today to match with the outfit.

So, use these basic tips to grab attention at a party.

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