Top 10 Tech Gadgets You Can Buy Under 1500 INR

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Are you a gadget freak or does someone you love go crazy over gadgets? If you’ve answered this question in the affirmative, technology has done you a favor with the many gadgets and gizmos available in the market today. However, for many, budgets can be a concern. If you are one among them, don’t fret. Instead, look through the top ten gadgets that you can buy under 1500 INR and take your pick depending on your requirement.

  1. Trace Smartband by Noise

This is the ultimate gadget that fitness freaks will love and if you are one of them, this under 1500 INR gadget will woo you royally. The Trace smartbank keeps track of the number of steps you take, your heartbeat and your sleep patterns and lets you plan your fitness routine. Contrary to Fitbit and other fitness bands, this band is quite economical and lets you save big bucks along with your health.

  1. iBall Glint BT06 Bluetooth Headset

If you love music, then this headset will set your fingers itching to take out your wallet and get it for yourself. These awesome headsets let you choose between wired, wireless and SD card connectivity and ensure a seamless, interruption-free music experience. In addition, you will love its rhythmic LED effects that are part of both ear cups, the built in FM feature and the cool SD card music bank so you can take your music wherever you go, unhindered by appliances.

  1. Smart Rings

If smart phones and smart watches weren’t enough to wow you, smart rings are fast getting there. These rings let you lock apps, share links, files and much more, by simply using NFC. The cool part about these rings is that they look ultra-elegant, making them into an excellent piece of jewelry apart from a gadget. You can find rings of simple alloys down to pure titanium, all within your budget of 1500 INR. These rings come with program locks, automatic running of programs, business card sharing, whisper interaction and network disk sharing features, making them much coveted indeed!

  1. Telescope Camera Lens

If you’re a shutterbug but want to enjoy the flexibility of being able to click high quality pictures on the go without having to carry around a bulky camera, these lens are for you. Gone are the days when they were extremely pricy, and you can now get these universal camera lens for less than 1500 INR. Easy to fit on to your smart phone’s camera, these lens add in the optical zoom feature to your phone, for some amazing photography.

  1. Pebble PowerShare-Z

If you’ve struggled without battery power in your smartphone while your friend’s device was charged up or vice versa, you’ll love the Pebble PowerShare-Z. This tiny little device is easy to carry around in your wallet or on your key ring and lets you seamlessly transfer battery charge from one tablet or smart phone to another. It has self-adjusting capabilities, which means it auto-detects the power needed by your device and charges it accordingly. It comes with a smooth silicone cover that protects it from dirt and damage, and is certainly a compact charging solution for emergencies.

  1. Logitect X100 Bluetooth Wireless Speaker

Are you a party animal and do you love rocking sound? If you do, check out these neat speakers that let you enjoy up to 5 hours of continuous music on each charge. Control volume, stream music, handle phone calls and much more, with this wireless speaker that can double up for use in your car as well as for an outdoor gathering. It comes in five bold colors so you can take your pick and enjoy its brilliant bass and sound clarity. For a budge below 1500 INR, this gadget certainly rocks!

  1. Samsung Wireless Charger

Why struggle with wires when you can go wireless? Check out Samsung’s cool wireless charger that works with wireless charging cases or mobile devices that support WPC-wireless charging. At a perfectly affordable price range, this charger simplifies the way you charge up your devices and makes life easier if you have a compatible device.

  1. Mi Band

For fitness freaks, the Mi Band works as an alternative to the pricier Fitbit and other trackers. Although it lacks a display screen, it smoothly connects to the Mi Fit app so that you can monitor your physical activity. It comes with built in GPS and works on all handsets, though you get a few extra features with a Xiaomi phone. All of these features are perfect possible, without breaking your wallet.

  1. Huawei Honor AP007 13000 mAh Power Bank

Known to be one of the most powerful devices for powering up your device on the go, this power bank is as powerful as it gets! It can charge up two devices at a time with its dual USB ports and ensures that you have all the power you need to enjoy all your devices features no matter where you are, thanks to its 13000 mAh capacity.

  1. FKU TM001 Wireless Bluetooth Headset

Enjoy the brilliance of crystal clear music with this wireless Bluetooth headset that fits perfectly into your budget of 1500 INR. These in-the-ear headsets include a mic and let you take your music with you wherever you go.

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