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Going about the process simply and just doing flyer printing in Sunnyvale isn’t enough anymore. Ever since the Facebook and social media revolution, business marketing in Sunnyvale has changed forever. It’s not enough to take a passive approach to your advertising activities—you have to be an active participant in everything happening in your industry if you want to stay relevant to your customers.


There are a lot of sites out there like Facebook nowadays where people and companies alike can start a page and put out a news feed of everything they want to say. This is one of the best ways to stay relevant, but you can run into trouble if you start putting yourself out on a limb when it comes to sex, politics and religion. These three things are hot-button issues to a lot of people, and more than one company has had to do heavy-duty damage control when they stepped on too many toes.

Twitter and friends

It sounds crazy—just 140 characters. But Twitter has become one of the newest big things, and enterprises that don’t try to take full advantage of it will wind up in the dust. Other sites like this are ones like Instagram, which let people connect instantly with others through whatever means are available on the site.

Blogs and such

While big companies might have a blog as part of their corporate site, small companies probably don’t have that kind of luxury. But you’re in luck. There are a lot of free blog services out there that let you write posts and advertise your services all in one place. Although you’re usually not able to transact commerce on these sites, you can get the word out about news and other things that are going to be important to your target clientele. Again, be very, very careful when touching on sex, politics or religion since these work on closely held feelings for people and can quickly drive a wedge between you and prospects.

Creating a web of contacts

When you look at the way social media is structured, you might be tempted to think that taking advantage of one of them is enough. It’s not. It’s a lot of work, but you have to keep yourself present in all three types of networks to stay in front of as many people as you can. What’s more, you need to try linking all your social media outlets together so people can get to get to all your presences if they just find one. For example, if someone doesn’t like to use Twitter but finds out you’re on there, they might be inclined to subscribe to your blog or Facebook page if you have one and they can find it right away.

Social media is the new way for organizations to do business marketing in Sunnyvale. Printing advertisements in Sunnyvale and sending direct mail used to be the way everything was done until businesses started realizing how powerful it could be to be before people in their downtime. Whether you’re trying to advertise a podcast you do in your spare time or are looking to improve the presence of a Fortune 500 company, you can always benefit from smart use of social media.

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