Use Magic Mop To Keep Dust Away

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Keeping Dust Away

Our lungs are constantly at risk from the dust we breathe in. While the body has several mechanisms to filter out dust, sometimes very small particles manage to reach the air sacs and injure the lungs. Once the lungs are affected, we become susceptible to many ailments, including tracheitis, bronchitis or even fibrosis. Regularly cleaning the home with a magic mop to keep dust away sounds like a good way to protect ourselves and our families from these diseases.

8 Ways to Reduce Dirt in Your Home

Germ lurks in areas that are not regularly cleaned as well as on the floor and furniture that have large surfaces on which dust can settle easily. In areas that are cleaned only occasionally, the dust converts into grime, and provides even better conditions for germs to breed. Children are more vulnerable to diseases caused by dust and grime, especially since they may not be washing their hands as often as recommended. So, even before you pick up your broom or a Dreamline magic mop to make your house spotlessly clean, you can follow these suggestions to limiting the dust that enters our home.

  1. Keep the Shoes Out – Shoes are the biggest carriers of dust. Their soles touch every possible dirt and mud on the road. All these things dry up and become dust, which sheds off inside your home. So, shoes are the greatest culprits of bringing in disease causing germs into your house. If you have kids in the crawling stage, this can be very harmful to them. Also, if you have carpets in the house, they tend to pick up the dirt from the shoes and retain it for longer. One way to avoid this is to keep a shoe rack near your front door and keep separate slippers for use at home.
  2. Make Your Bed – A soiled bed attracts dust-mites. Dust-mites in your pillow might lead to skin problems, such as acne, as they feed on dead skin. You need to dust your bed and pillows every morning, before you sweep or mop your floor. Dusting your pillow before you get into bed is also a good idea.
  3. Limit Food to the Kitchen and Dining Area – Eating in your bedroom or on a couch in the sitting room can cause food items to fall at unexpected places. This causes additional dirt, and attracts insects and dirt.
  4. Use a Mop with Microfibers – We tend to use old t-shirts to mop the floor. Instead, use a magic mop with microfibers, which catch the dust, rather than merely displacing it from one part of the house to another.
  5. Clean the Couch – You might be dusting the visible areas regularly, but it is time to take care of the hidden ones. Clean vulnerable spots as couch corner, under the mattress, curtains and window slits. You can use a vacuum cleaner to get this job done more conveniently and effectively.
  6. Keep Your Counters Free – The more items you keep on counter tops, the more dirt they will attract. Moreover, this will making dusting more difficult.
  7. Change Air Filters Frequently – The filter of your air conditioner gathers a lot of dust every day. It is a good idea to clean these filters once a week. Pleated filters gather even more dust, and you may want to consider replacing these filters once a month.
  8. Declutter Often – We store away several items with the intention of using them later. Often, we don’t even look at them again. Find all these knickknacks and consider whether you really need them, can give them away to someone or wish to throw them away. Books tend to gather dust and you can put them away in a closed cupboard or in plastic bags.

So, plan your housework, get a magic mop online and roll up your sleeves. Let’s get dust and disease out of our homes.

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