Wedding Shopping Markets You Don’t Want to Miss in Mumbai

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Wedding Shopping can be one hell of a job. If you have a lot of time in store, what you really want to do is get it all right. You might think that if you have months in advance to prepare for everything you would not face too many issues. But you may be wrong. The tricky part about wedding shopping is, it is in fact essential you starts months before your wedding. You are then not giving yourself extra time, but just enough to get all the things done in the time you have.

When you begin your wedding shopping, it is essential that you start with deciding everything you will need to shop for first. One of the most important things the bride and the groom need to buy is the wedding lehenga and sherwanis.

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The bridal lehengas especially is perhaps the most important buy of the wedding. Now one thing you need to remember here is, most of the boutiques and designers need at least a month in advance to get your lehenga made for you. And even then, there might be a lot of requirements for changes and alterations. So the amount of time that will take is something you will need to remember. Even the retailers take a week or ten days. So time is of essence. Why is all this important to know? Because you need to understand time will not be a luxury you will be able to afford when you are shopping for your wedding.

For this reason and more, what you need to first decide is the kind of outfits you want to wear on different occasions for your wedding. There are different styles, different designs and different boutiques you would want to look at. If you are someone who wants a designer lehenga for your wedding, then take a look at the designs and styles of the designers you have in mind and narrow down the ones you want to personally visit and look at.

Another thing which is of great importance is to decide your budget. This will certainly narrow down the styles, designers, and boutiques which would suit your plans. Doing all of this is fairly important, because even if you have a basic idea of how you want to go about your wedding shopping, it helps you narrow down markets and even stores, and that saves a lot of time for you. For narrowing down markets you can find out which ones sell what kind of outfits, and house what designers. You can also take suggestions from people around you who have a good idea. You can decide to go to one of the established designers whose designs you are well aware of, or explore the markets for wedding shopping in Mumbai, depending upon what you wish to buy.

Some of the wedding shopping markets you don’t want to miss in Mumbai are:

SantaCruz West
Andheri West
Linking Road
Town Side- Cumbala Hill

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