WP Reset Plugin – The Fastest Way to Reset Your Site!

WP Reset Plugin

Do you plan on reinstalling your WordPress site? It is a time-consuming process and you have to put a lot of efforts. Use WP reset plugin and make the process faster.  It is not linked with the reinstallation of any program or function. It only helps in setting the values of the WordPress site to its default. In other words, reset WordPress plugin will return your site to its earliest state when you first installed it.

This solution is the best suited for testing purposes. You can easily test new plugins, themes and other factors in a way that you want to make the process. It is advised to use coming soon plugins during the maintenance or testing hours. With this approach, your visitors will remain aware of the development and return to your site again.

Resetting WP is simple and straightforward. Some of the features include-

  • All files remain untouched
  • No changes or modification in plugins, themes
  • Site title, site address and WordPress address remain the same
  • Have the option to select multiple tables or ‘Select All’
  • Multiple confirmations needed for resetting

All these things make reset plugins superior to reinstallation of WordPress. However, you must know that there is no undo button to reverse the process. Also, there is no worry of accidental reset of the site. It means that you have to think whether you are comfortable with this process or need to follow anything else. Needless to say, it is the best option when you want to test WordPress plugins and themes.

How to do WordPress Reset?

In order to reset your site, you have to log in first using your username and password. Now,-

  • Go to Plugins
  • Select Tools and then Database Reset
  • Customize the datable tables and choose the items to reset
  • You can also hit ‘Select All’ option
  • Type the security code and proceed
  • Click OK

It’s done. Your WordPress will reset within a few minutes. During the process, you are likely to log out and log in automatically to the WordPress dashboard.

Do you have a concern about security and safety of the process? You must know that more than 50,000 developers have used it and many of them use it for testing plugins on a regular basis. Without any doubt, it is safe and secure to use. However, you can use Security Ninja to protect your WP site. It is an effective measure that even prevents downtime that occurs due to security issues.

Things You Should Know – Some Interesting Facts

WordPress reset plugin can be used with WP-CLI (WordPress – Command Line Interface). Suppose you have installed WP-CLI, you can use command for resetting. Moreover, you can also specify a list of tables that you want to reset. With this approach, your chosen database tables will reset rather than complete resetting of the site.

Lastly, you can try this process manually. But it is often better to hire the services of experts!

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