Fire sprinkler system necessity of modern Life

Fire sprinkler system

As the increase population, in the modern living life, safety becomes a measure issue. Because living space becomes shorter and shorter. The building is becoming high and high. So in this trouble we need some high accuracy and quick response system which protect our family and friends. Fire sprinkler system is one, out of this high accuracy and quick response system. Fire sprinkler system also effective in single family home, multi-family dwellings, or a public structure. Or if we consider commercial sector, thousand of people work together, minor misshapen, produce big accident. To handle this type situation fire sprinkler systems is more effective. Due due its major advantages, Fire sprinkler system become the part of our modern life. All new offices and commercial place, where thousand of people work together, Fire sprinkler system is commonly used. This is a quick response, its sensor is highly sensitive. When any type of fire accident occurs, then its sensor active quick and then its water connected system open which protects against fire. If Fire sprinkler system properly designed, installed and. Maintained in working place. Then automatic sprinkler system can control the fire and reduce the fire accident, injuries and property damage.

Fire sprinkler system is mainly two types. The function dig. Shown in the image.

1. Wet pipe systems

2. Dry pipe systems

Fire sprinkler system


Some major benefits of Fire sprinkler system are:

1. Reduction of Injuries:

Fire sprinkler system reduces the risk of death and injury nearly 80%. If a sprinkler system installed properly, then it active suddenly and start fight against fire and help to save people and give them time to run by which they save his life.

2. Protection of Property:

When this system installs properly, then it active with alarm and spry of water start immediately, then the fire effect reduces and property loses also reduce.


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