What to Remember When Putting up a Land for Sale

Land for Sale

When it comes to land for sale, disposing of it can prove to be more difficult than disposing of a house. This is because a house is already a living, breathing entity but a piece of land for sale is nothing much unless it is developed on. Here are some things to remember when selling a piece of land.

Making sure the plan is right

The first and foremost thing to do is to find out what kind of buyer one is looking for to buy the land. For example, if the plot is in a residential neighborhood, the common assumption is that people who want to build a single-family home are potential buyers for it. Tthat is a limiting thought. It would be a better idea to find out how a property is zoned and how it can be rezoned. A potential buyer may be someone looking to rezone the plot to build more dwellings or it may be someone wanting to build a childcare business. Doing research about what the city permits and then going about finding who the potential buyers for the property could be is a good way to get started.

Pricing the land

The next step is to price the land for sale. In a neighborhood, homes of the same sizes will roughly be sold for the same price but that is not the case with land. The taxes that the assessor has put on the property is however a good indication of the value of the land. Additional factors to be reviewed are zoning, what utilities the property has, views and if there are any pre-approved building plans in place for it. Of course, the location is a big factor. Sometimes, pricing the property can prove to be an intimidating process and that is where some professional help from a land assessor is a great idea. An assessor can put a price on the land that will help it sell quickly.

A bit of makeup can go a long way

That’s right. A vacant piece of land that is overgrown with weeds and looks generally unkempt is not going to look good to a potential buyer. So before putting a property up for sale, it is a good idea to prepare it for show. This means pulling out all the weeds, trimming the trees and the shrubs, mowing the grass and planting a few wildflowers. This can be done easily with the help of a professional gardener. The money spent this way will be well-spent because a cared-for property is always going to sell for more than an unkempt one. Another great idea is to take as many pictures as possible of the property while it is looking its best.

Post sale requirement on a reputed site

The pictures of the property taken should be used to post the sale requirements on reputed real estate sites. Such sites can be a great way of selling a piece of land. Listing the land for sale accurately and taking care to mention the best qualities it has on these websites is a great way to get noticed by potential buyers and sell it eventually.


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