Safety Tips to Know While Using Aluminum Ladders

Aluminum Ladders

Considering the fact that a good percentage of construction workers are injured every year from falling off a ladder, ladder safety tips are crucial to know. Using aluminum ladders safely means taking care of oneself. Following are a few safety tips to remember every time one  uses a ladder.

  1. The first thing to do is to check and inspect a ladder before every use. Checking for corrosion, tears, wears, cracks, rivets and bolts is super-important part of the process. If a ladder is found to be unsuitable and unsafe, it should be immediately removed from service so that the next person does not think of using it. Unsafe ladders should be tagged and marked ‘unsafe’ too for extra precaution.
  1. It is also advisable to pay special attention to the feet of the particular ladder one is planning to use. The feet should be proper and should also come with slip-resistant pads.
  1. If a person is thinking of using a ladder specifically for electrical work, then it is very crucial to use a fiberglass one. This will ensure that there is no chance of shocks and short circuits. Not following this advice can not only lead to injury but disability and even death.
  1. It is also crucial that the person planning to use a ladder look for a firm and level surface to place it on. The place where the upper part of the ladder is to be placed should be strong and rigid as well so that there is no chance of it slipping off. The angle of placing it should be within the permissible limits set by the manufacturer. All this is going to ensure that the ladder stays firm and strong and is able to support the weight of the person using it.
  1. When one is climbing off the ladder at the upper level, it is important that there is at least 3 feet on its upper side extending the landing. This ensures that the ladder is balanced well and there is little chance of the person falling off.
  1. It is extremely important to not carry any load whose weight can make a person lose his balance. That is why it is advisable to carry multiple loads instead of one big load.
  1. Standing on top of the ladder is a strict no-no for safety and it is something that should be adhered to stringently.
  1. It is also advisable to avoid setting up a ladder anywhere near vehicular or pedestrian traffic. Also to be avoided are exit doors.

Buying the right type of ladder for a project is also important for safety. There are various types available and one should buy one that is right for a particular project. One can also get a product built according to one’s exact specifications and requirements. Following aluminum ladders safety tips will ensure that there are fewer accidents and dangerous situations one gets involved in.

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