A short review about reclaim oil in GlobeCore


At any power plant or energy facility, the efficiency of transformers is an important aspect. Many of the transformers run for decades and start losing their effective output due to various reasons. It is an impossible task to replace all the transformers that have slowed down on performance or are malfunctioning. This is why you need to find a solution that not only extends the serviceability of the transformers, but also helps optimize the efficiency in the process. Prolonged use of motor oils and industrial oil adds a lot of slug due to oxidation and other processes.


The slug can damage the industrial equipment and hence changing the oil is vitally important. Oil regeneration also benefits the environment. It is definitely possible to make an old transformer perform like a new one. GlobeCore.com has a host of services and features to help you out on this. Globercore.com brings its expertise with its industry level machinery to help you put a leverage on the transformer maintenance. At a glance, Globecore.com offers the oil purification plants with high vaccuum equipment for transformer oil reclamation.

With cutting edge technology and solutions, you can get an increased output and better durability on your transformers. Whether it is about purification, how to reclaim oil, or drying and degassing, Globecore.com has a suite of solutions available for such tasks. The expertise also comes handy for restoration of oil parameters and color improvement. Globecore also excels in biodiesel production, fuel blending, emulsification, etc. The production facility has international standards.

Oil Purification Plants with High Vacuum! Equipment for Transformer Oil Reclamation

The GlobeCore High Vacuum Degasifier play bigest role in any energy production sector service organisation.

In oil purification plants with high vacuum systm there are two stage of vacuum facility (vacuum pump and vacuum booster), a 1 micron filter and a low density oil heater (1.2 W/cm²) that allows it to reduce gas content from fully saturated with air (10 to 12% by volume) to less than 0.1% (ASTM D-2945). It can dissolve and remove water down to 5 ppm and remove 99.9 % of particulate matter from the transformer insulating oil in a single pass.


For either on site and/or remote location treatment of transformers, GlobeCore High Vacuum Degasifiers are mounted on single axle trailers, tandem axle trailers, or semi-trailers with operator’s and laboratory compartments. An optional electric generator can be installed that allows independent operation if an external power supply is not available.

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