Already on a high dose of Estanozolol 100mg? Beware of the pitfalls of its fake substitutes!

Dianabol Results

Various varieties of Stanozol tablets are available in the market, Estanozolol  being the prominent of these. This drug is chiefly taken by professional wrestlers, boxers and also those enthusiasts, intent on various intricacies of body building, along with those whose chief preoccupation is weight lifting.  The quintessential application of this drug solely lies in bolstering the tone of the various muscles of the body and thereby, in colloquial terms, thereby enable one to ‘get in shape’, but without enhancing the body weight by all means and therefore, the efficacy of this product is undoubtedly cannot be laid into question of any kind of skeptical inquiry, thereby making and non-reprehensively safe to take this, the one manufactured from USP Labs 10mg on a daily basis.



Apart from bolstering the growth and sustenance of the muscles, this drug has shown some beneficiary results in the treatment of those afflicted with AIDS. Also, small pimple-like swellings over the surface of the heart also tend not to further worsen with its intake. For those sorely afflicted with swelling of the knees or any other joints of the body, it might provide some relief from the excruciating pain associated with arthritis. Lately, moreover, it has also shown to be of some positive response against LUPUS, both hereditary and acquired.  It has also been proved to be highly potent for weight reduction.

Dosage Recommendations

It ideally depends on the BMI of the person concerned. Oral dosage in the form of tablets or capsules is more pertinent and safe then taking it through injecting, which sometimes lead to lethal consequences, especially if a mistakenly high dose is injected. The most safest dosage of taking Estanozolol  USP Labs 10mg taking it for a couple or more weeks on an alternate basis, the highest period being six weeks. Taking it over more than this period is not advisable. Combining this with a Testosterone supplement would enhance the benefits markedly.


Inadvertent high dosage can lead to complications in the liver, with the latter getting overburdened with various lethal toxins. Especially for females, this drug is not ideally a recommendable one. If this is taken in liquid form, then it may cause excruciating muscle cramps and even drowsiness.  Yet, if safely taken within the recommended dosage, no harmful efforts have been reported since so far.

Identifying spurious products

Lately, a number of fake products bearing the name of this drug have struck the market with impunity which has led to the establishment rigorous strictures regarding the verification procedure for its authenticity. Always be on watch to notice the FDA approval at the back if the contained so as to surmise about securing the proper product.

Therefore, the very contours of contemporaneous lifestyles has brought in its train various dire physical and even mental ailments whose remedy lies quite much in doing arduous workouts, buttressed with this health useful supplement.

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