iPad Mini 4: Find out Everything about this Mighty Tablet!

iPad Mini 4

With Apple gearing up for the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus launch, it also has the iPad Mini 4 rolled up its sleeve set for launch very soon. iPads are powerful tablets provided by Apple that integrate faster technology and smarter know how and the iPad Mini4 seems quite impressive already. Check out ebay coupons to get other amazing deals on Apple products at great prices.

Find out everything you need to know about the Apple iPad Mini 4 to know how exactly great things come in small packages:


The iPad Mini4 comes with a unique ultra portable and slim feel making it lighter and thinner than its predecessors. The iPad Mini 4 is 18% thinner than previous models and really nifty and easy to work with. It weighs a mere 299 grams and is 6.1 mm in thickness. It can easily fit in your back pack or hand bag so you can carry it and use it anywhere any time. Do not mistake its thin construction for frailty as the iPad Mini 4 has a solid aluminium frame making it quite sturdy to work with. Overall it has a sophisticated appeal like all other Apple products.


The iPad Mini 4 comes with a splendid 7.9 inch laminated display with a resolution of 1536×2048, bringing alive a gamut of colors making your viewing experience all the more rich. You get brilliant color balance and contrast without any blandness thanks to the combination of a laminated display, an LCD display, a Touch Sensor as well as a Cover glass. Enjoy vivid reproduction of color and images making the screen sharp and extremely pleasant to work with.

iOS 9

Apple installs its best operating system- the iOS 9 into this beautiful tablet giving you a sophisticated interface which is easy to work with making it more intuitive enabling better multitasking. Through Split View you get to open two apps at a time allowing easy multitasking. Search the internet while you have reference material open besides it. Search for latest gadgets on one side and get great deals using amazon coupons on the other screen. Get better short cuts and make use of MultiTouch gestures along with a QuickType helping you select and maneuver text better and increasing the overall functionality.



The iPad Mini 4 runs on the same A8 chipset which powers the iPhone 6. It also has Apples 3rd Generation dual core 1.5GHz processor making it all the more quicker and faster making it efficient to the T. Be it playing games with high graphics or making your own home videos, the CPU performance is up to 5.2 times faster with30% better performance than theA7 chipset and the GPU performance is up by almost 12.8 times making it the sleekest, coolest and smoothest gadget.


The iPad Mini 4 comes with an 8MP sensor iSight camera capable of taking sharper and cleaner images. The image signal processor works in tandem with the camera to make sure every photo or video is delightfully clear and crisp. The optics has higher precision and you can easily capture 1080p HD videos to share your story with the world. Now enjoy improved face detection, noise reduction and crispier images with this beautiful camera. Its 1.2MP front camera allows you to carry out FaceTime with friends, family and colleagues in great clarity.

These features surely making the iPad Mini4 one of the most anticipated devices which incorporates technological innovation in a sophisticatedly engineered machine to bring to you nothing but the very best.

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