Knowing about Ophthalmoscopes available in the market


It was in the year 1847 that Ophthalmoscopes was invented by Charles Babbage. With time, this particular device is known to have undergone numerous advancements and modifications. This equipment’s current version is considered to be very much user friendly and highly efficient. It is an absolute necessity to be had by every healthcare professional, associated with providing vision treatment.


What is the Ophthalmoscope all about?

It is termed to be a medical device that is utilized for checking the interior of the eye. It is a process that is popularly called Ophthalmoscopy. This device is also known as funduscope. By using this particular equipment, the healthcare professional can easily have the retina and vitreous humor to be examined. Furthermore, the device has been stated to be extremely important for carrying out any type of eye examination and to diagnose properly and provide the correct type of treatment.

Its classification

Basically, it can be classified into two major categories.

  • Direct Ophthalmoscope: This is regarded to be a flashlight sized device comprising of several lenses. It can help to have the image amplified about 15 times of its original size. The normal ophthalmoscope of this type offers a view field of around 6 – 10 degrees along with 15 times of magnification features. It is mostly used for performing regular checkups.
  • Indirect Ophthalmoscope: It is a medical device which comprises of small lens and light on one of its ends. The standard device provides magnification of about 5 times and field view of around 30 degrees. It has a wider output thereby offering clear idea of the eye’s inside structure. Using the clear image, the correct eye status is captured and the healthcare professional is able to have the overall condition to be assessed properly. Having the retina to be viewed along with remaining part of the eye, helps the specialist to carry out myriad of tests and diagnose the different conditions that may exist. The indirect type could be either in binocular or monocular in nature. This type of device can help to conduct four ophthalmoscopy types like:
    • Indirect, head mounted binocular ophthalmoscopy
    • Indirect, slit lamp opthalmoscopy
    • Indirect modified opthalmoscopy
    • Indirect monocular opthalmoscopy

Several types of ophthalmoscopes are said to exist in the market, which are known to contain numerous helpful features. A consolidated set may feature the following aspects:

  • Functional with small and undiluted pupils
  • Fundus view needs to be clear, wider and panoramic
  • On the standard type, magnification needs to increase approximately by about 25 degrees
  • It needs to offer appropriate view field

Purchasing the right one

Since there are different types of Ophthalmoscopes available, it is important for the person to first know about them and also to better understand his specific needs as a professional. Only then can he make the right decision to choose and have ophthalmoscope buy online India. A well informed decision is sure to provide lots of benefits to the user and also help the patients to get the correct treatment.

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