Personalized URL’s 101

Personalized URL

What is a URL?

With increased technology through the use of the internet there are many new developments for businesses. It is important that companies use the internet because it can help them to expand their product line and potential clients. With smart phones and tablets, to personal computers almost every client has access to the internet. But how do customers gain information about your company via the internet? And how can a business use this to their advantage?

To answer these questions we need to focus on URLs or Uniform Resource Locators to understand how web or internet traffic works. Basically a URL is kind of like an address, except it is for a particular website or webpage that contains links, and other information pertaining to a product or service in the case of a business. Now that you know the basics of what a URL is we are going to turn our attention on how to develop a website for your business.

Personalized URL

Website Development

Now that you understand the need for a URL and a website for your business; you need to learn the basics about how to develop a webpage where you can share information about your products and services. Now this may seem complicated, and you may be asking yourself whether you have enough technology or computer knowledge to make your own website. Well it really just depends on your comfort level and how much time you want to put into it. If you are willing to put in the time you can develop a website using tutorials and premade templates.

There are various web hosting sites on the internet that can get you started on a free website development which includes the domain name. The domain name is ties to the URL or the name that you are going to call your website. Once you have located a free webhost company you can add your domain name and then you can register your domain name. Once this is accomplished then you can use the software provided such as Word Press which helps you to upload all of the text and graphics files. In many cases the program will automatically add your website information for you in a template. Obviously, this is a summarized version which does take some hands on learning. Free web hosting sites do tend to be slower and they have the right to take your domain name. SO make sure you research this step before committing to making your own website.

Most companies will hire a web designer to make their URL and webpage, which costs more but is generally more reliable. Also your website will work better and look more professional to the viewer which can make a big difference to potential clients. If the website looks cheap chances are it is homemade and the business probably doesn’t’ have the funds to do anything better. If you want customers to be able to purchase items or services on your website that will also cost more money and the website needs to be secure.

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