Questions to ask an architect before he designs your house

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Building a house comes with lots of responsibilities. One wrong move and you will end up living in a house that you do not like. So, lots of planning, thinking, discussion and selection processes go into building a sweet home that you have always imagined. One of the important people who play a crucial role in building your house is the architect. An architect visualizes your home even before it is started to build. He will plan your house and its interiors. The basic nature of your house is decided by an architect.

So, while choosing an architect, you must be very careful. The brain behind the entire project must be efficient and a good listener. When you contact the various architecture firms in Delhi, here are certain questions you must ask to them in order to make your choice of the right architect –

architecture firms

Why did you choose this profession?

Like it or not, passion is the only thing that will keep one going, especial in a challenging profession such as architecture. It is difficult to stay in the competitive race and find customers. People want only the best and only those who work hard to be the best will be in the business of construction. So, ask your architect why he chose this job? What is that interests him about this field? Does he plan to quit in the near future or change jobs?

What are your references?

A well experienced Architect has an interesting portfolio and some great references. He would have built some amazing buildings and will have some trustworthy contacts that are willing to refer him for the job. Does your architect have such people around him? This is a question to ask.

What is the current scenario in the construction field?

It is not enough if an architecture firm has done some impressive works in the past. They must also be updated and know all that is happening in the current time. There are new technologies adapted every day and also new styles that come into being considered as hot favourite every season. Does the architect keep up with the fast changing technology and fashion related to the construction work? You must know because adopting modern techniques can help in giving quality to your building.

What is your signature style?

Every architect has his own signature style. He would have followed a pattern or a style from the beginning of his work and would have slowly made it his signature style. For example, one architect may like using sleek and modern looks while the other is famous for his rustic and historic feel. What is your architect’s style? Is he willing to tailor his style to suiteyour house?

How much will you charge for your services?

Though it is written in the last, this is a very important question to ask. How much is the architect going to charge you? Can you afford it? Is it a fair price? You must be ready for all these talks.

These are some of the questions to ask your architects in Gurgaon. Once you get satisfactory answers you can commence work with them.

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