How “Social Profiling” will work in the real world

Social Profiling

It doesn’t matter whether you have met anyone in person or not, today’s enhanced social media usage has permitted even strangers to know a lot about you only by visiting you profiles on social media networks. Whether it’s a date, a job interview or you just walk in to a store, all social data is straightly accessible and viewable in real world scenarios within a matter of fact.

These disruptive technologies have created quite a danger for all their users as their profiles and personal information is easily accessible. Profiling, in common terms has adverse inferences, in context of, race, gender, law enforcement and even beyond it. This concept is mostly used by marketers (sub-conscious humans) in order to categorize people around us.

Defining Social Profiling and the Technologies which boosted it:

Social profiling term is defined as “when digital technologies let people access other people’s information via social platforms like Google+, Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn and Tumblr etc.” These AR technologies has enabled social data to be straight forwardly accessed in public using mobiles, smartphones, AR and other technologies.

How Social Profiling will Influence us, society and Businesses:
There are at least three ways in which social profiling will influence us. Social profiling techniques and technologies can sway us in three different ways:

  1. Digital Impression Scores impact the public in real world at large – People nowadays often get really impressed by anything or anyone real quickly which is encouraging social influence on a peak level. For example, there are chances that a competition may arise among richest men or tall women, that who is more influential on social media and everyone will get in to the discussion very swiftly. As a consequence, a new nibbling business order can materialize which can interrupt corporate hierarchy, attractiveness or wealth.
  1. Marketers utilize this to rank and provide incentives to influencers – Since decades; brands are impacted by influencers as they attract the common people. Now business brands have new segmentation techniques. For example hotels are already offering luxurious treatments to those who have great social scores and being influencers. Now this scenario will also shift to retail, hospitality and even more in coming days. Yet, it is solely the decision of the influencers whether they take the offers or reject them.
  1. Innovative Business Models will transpire to provide Social Media Background CheckAs we have to endeavor in the real world, digital grooming and mentoring is as vital as personal grooming. Soon, professional will require services of digital mentors who can assist them in appearing best in their social profiles and help them improvise and prune their digital grooming.

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