Top Places to visit in Bangalore

Places to visit in Bangalore

If you are planning a trip towards South, then Bangalore is the best place to start. The name “Bangalore” was given by British during the British Raj. They used this city as their base back. However, in 2006 the city again got its old forgotten name “Bengaluru”, but even today many people still refer this city as Bangalore only.

Bangalore is a vibrant city with lively mix of ingredients. You can easily find places that have restful green areas and is surrounded by booming IT industry. Bangalore is also known to be Silicon Valley of India, the main IT hub. Bangalore is the city known for youngsters who are booming in their careers and hence there is no dearth of modern cafes, pubs and restaurants.

Bangalore when compared to other cities in India has always remained a step ahead. Believe it or not, but it was the first city to have street lights and is also home for HAL (Hindustan Aeronautics Limited). So, if you are a first time visitor in the city, then there are many things to do in Bangalore. Lets us drill down few places that you must check out during your visit:-

  • Lalbagh Botanical Gardens – If you are looking for some quiet and want to get away from the noise of traffic, you should take a stroll in the botanical gardens. This garden was created in 1760 and has beautiful glass houses significant of Kew Gardens. This garden hosts flower shows every year on republic and Independence Day. While taking a walk, you will also find a floral clock surrounded by snow white and the seven dwarfs. This clock was a gift by a clock manufacturer and is quite a local attraction here.

 Places to visit in Bangalore

  • Bangalore Palace – if you are a person inclined towards culture, you must visit the Bangalore Palace. This palace was built in 1880 by Britishand you can find the palace is inspired by the much known Windsor Castle. This castle has been shot in many movies and is a great venue for hosting a wedding. Inside the castle you can still find nude portraits on display and family photo of Wodeyars. The current King of the palace still resides in the palace only.
  • Ulsoor Lake – for relaxing your mind and enjoy some moments with your family or friends, you can visit the Ulsoor lake. A perfect picnic spot and you can also do boating here.

 Places to visit in Bangalore

  • Bull Temple – this temple is built in Dravidian style. This temple has an impressive black granite Nandi bull, which are 5 meters tall and 7 meters in length. As per the local guides here, this monolith was built to pacify a bull that was eating all the groundnuts from the villager’s field. This trick helped the villagers and hence today every year there is a groundnut fair that is held to show the gratitude.

It is never a waste of time and money exploring a new city, especially a place like Bangalore. It is sure that once you have visited the city, you are sure to come back again. This is the charm of Bangalore.

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