How can a WordPress survey plugin help you grow your online business?

WordPress survey plugin

Do you know WordPress Survey Plugins helps in improving customer engagement and in building customer-business mutual trust? In this article, we will discuss why you must re-think your decision on not installing a WordPress Survey Plugin on your website.

WordPress is a popular content management system and is the first choice of every blogger or digital content creator over its competitors like Wix, Weebly, Jimbo, Joomla, or even Blogspot. The main reasons of WordPress being so popular is because it is simple to understand and the support/integration of various tools come in handy in the form of Plugins.

WordPress has the amazing feature of using a plugin to do intricate tasks that otherwise require coding knowledge and expertise in web development. Hence, People from various different backgrounds find WordPress convenient as they do not require to know coding and can build and publish awesome content online and to share with the world.

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Coming to Plugins, WordPress Survey Plugins have turned out to be a game-changer in terms of user engagement and decreasing the bounce rate which gives out a positive signal to the Search Engine and making the page/post rank higher on the search results whenever a user searches for the related search query.

Why Surveys are important for your online business?

While visiting your site if the visitors find out about a survey asking to share his/her valuable input about your product or service and getting a reward in return (in the form of discount coupons / a gift voucher / just a customized certificate) then he/she would definitely take some time out and would respond to the survey with utter honesty.

With the collected survey data consisting of hundreds or thousands of user responses, you can analyze the data by displaying it in the form of a Bar Graph, or a Pie Chart to get a better understanding of the user to improve and work on your offered products or services.

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This will help you in taking business decisions and get a better understanding of the user requirement and the market requirement too.

Can a WordPress survey plugin really help you improve your online business?

Definitely Yes, WordPress Survey Plugin helps you to achieve the required target at a much higher pace. You don’t need to do much as the plugins are capable to handle surveys or great intensities.

WordPress Survey Plugin like Quiz and Survey Master is one such capable WordPress Survey Plugin that is used by thousands of websites for growing their online business. The plugin actually works and helps in increasing user engagement with the use of Amazing Surveys that are highly customizable and user friendly.

How to Add Surveys to WordPress -Quiz and Survey Master Banner
WordPress survey plugin help you grow your online business

Quiz and Survey Master Plugin now has 40000+ Active Installations and the number is growing every day. User’s don’t just love Quiz and Survey Master because of its ability to create exciting surveys but also because it is a multi-purpose allowing you to make any sort of question-answer forms and quizzes.

For example, using the Quiz and Survey Master Plugin you can build Viral Quizzes, Buzz Quiz, Questionnaires, Riddles, Polls, Personality Quiz, Customer Satisfaction Surveys, Trivia Quiz, Event Planning Survey, Contact Forms, Feedback Forms, and more.

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Due to its highly customizable nature and robustness Quiz and Survey Master is the leading WordPress Quiz Plugin and WordPress Survey Plugin in the WordPress Plugins Repository. Create Engaging Survey with the QSM Plugin

Best Features of Quiz and Survey Master WordPress Survey Plugin

Quiz and Survey Master Plugin is Free to Download from the WordPress Official Repository.

Apart from being the most downloaded WordPress Survey Plugin Quiz and Survey Master is known for its striking features that entice the users.

Quiz and Survey Master has 15+ Question Types using which you can frame different types of Questions to ask the responders and get the required output.

Checkout these Demos Built from Quiz and Survey Master Plugin

Quiz and Survey Master has loads of customization options, you can even customize the results page based on the score earned by the user or the correctness of the answer.

Some of the Best Features of the QSM WordPress Plugin:

  • 100+ Customization Options
  • Free Certificate and Leaderboard Addon to make the Quiz/Survey more engaging
  • Extend Quiz or Survey Functionality with the help of 30+ Pro Addons
  • Create Time Based Tests/Exams with the Countdown timer
  • Run Marketing Campaigns with the help of Addons and Integrations
  • Schedule Surveys and Quizzes beforehand to avoid last-minute hassle
  • Categorize Questions based on the topic eg. General Knowledge, Science, Technical, Finance, etc.
  • Provide Hints and Correct Answer Info for the asked Questions
  • Set points for each question and the highest scorer gets rewarded with a certificate and with his/her name on the leaderboard
  • Send Customized Emails to the user and the quiz admin after successful quiz completion

Download Quiz and Survey Master Plugin | Checkout All the Pro Addons

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