How to travel to Nawalgarh

travel to Nawalgarh

The Indian state of Rajasthan is full of many surprises and one such surprise package is the little town of Nawalgarh. It is located in the Jhunjhunu district and very close to the capital of this state- Jaipur.

Nawalgarh as a tourist destination

Nawalgarh is slowly emerging as one of the coveted tourist destinations in Rajasthan. This is largely due to the fact that quite a number of appreciated Bollywood films have been shot here and hence more and more people are flocking to this place. The most attractive feature of this small town is its havelis. The havelis were primarily the residences of the various businessmen of Rajasthan. Some of these businessmen were so rich that they even lent money to the royal treasury! So, one can just imagine how fascinating their residences might have been. So, these havelis make Nawalgarh a place worth visiting.


Ways to reach Nawalgarh

Being located very near to Jaipur, travelling to Nawalgarh does not involve much hassle, though you will have to make breaks in your journey if you will be travelling to this place directly from any other place.

Catch a flight to Nawalgarh

If you want to save some time during transportation, then the best way to reach Nawalgarh is by taking a flight. The nearest airport to Nawalgarh is the Jaipur airport and which have a fair number of flights coming in from different parts of the country. Make sure that you have a rental car waiting for you at the airport and then you can take that to Nawalgarh. You can also take a bus to Nawalgarh.

Take the train

 Nawalgarh has its own railway station and hence the best way to reach Nawalgarh would be to take a train. You can take a train directly to this little town and then use any local means of transport to reach the place where you will be staying. You can also ask one of the hotels in Jhunjhunu where you will be staying, to provide you with a pick up from the station.

Book a car

If you will be travelling to Nawalgarh from either Jaipur or Bikaner, then you can also rent a taxi or book a car and take the road to Nawalgarh. The distance between Jaipur and Nawalgarh is about 150kms and it will take you roughly 3 hours. Bikaner is about 220kms away from this town famous for its havelis and the travel time would be around 4 hours. The roads are good and very well connected and hence travelling by road is not a problem at all.

Travel in a bus

Probably the cheapest option of travelling to Nawalgarh is to take a bus from Jaipur or Bikaner, or any nearby city of Rajasthan. For interstate travel too, these buses are perfect. The buses will drop you off at the designated bus stop of Nawalgarh and from there you can ask the one of the best hotels in Rajasthan where you will be staying when visiting Nawalgarh, to come and pick you up or provide you with the necessary directions.

These are the ways through which you can reach Nawalgarh without much hassle. These methods are cost effective too!

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