Top 9 Reasons to buy Cats Eye Stone


The word “gemstone” carries with it a picture of brilliance of stone, superb colour and a hefty price tag. Now what if there was a stone that had the first two qualities, and many other positive qualities, but does not cost anywhere as much as other gemstones? Cat’s eye gemstone, also known as “lehsunia” in India has many benefits and is also available in large quantities at reasonable costs.

buy a cats eye stone online

So what can interest you to buy a cats eye stone online today? Here are some of the top reasons:

  1. It is very easily available in large quantities in China and India, especially in South India.
  2. People who have used this stone to deal with their various problems have sung its praises because it is a very effective stone that shows its positive results within a few days of its usage.
  3. This stone is available in various colours and each one of them is very appealing. Cat’s eye stones can be black, dark to smoky green or a deep yellow. The stone is very smooth, has a luminous appearance and is very popularly used in several pieces of jewellery, such as pendants, necklaces, earrings, finger rings and even waist chains.
  4. People who have suffered from losses in business or even those that have gone kaput can start using this stone. People have reported a reversal in their fates, re-opening of defunct businesses and growth in earnings and profits.
  5. If you are fond of thrills and adventures, ranging from the small ones such as betting or poker, to the big ones like extreme water sports, then including cat’s eye stones in your jewellery would be a great choice because this stone is known to favour the likes of you. It is known to improve the psychic protection abilities of a person by leaps and bounds.
  6. Combined with other precious stones, these stones are known to be effective in treating serious health conditions such as mouth, bone and blood cancer. It is also known to deal with less severe health issues such as depression and lack of concentration.
  7. Cat’s eye stones are associated with Lord Ketu, the god of travelling and goodness. So, if you are fond of travelling, then you should treat yourself by taking one step closer to the God of travelling by including this precious stone in your possession.
  8. If you are interesting trying out your hand at various forms of art, or if you are already involved in them, then add this gem to your collection as it is said to favour artists a lot. Writers, engineers, architects and even those in the line of research have been motivated to work better in their selected field.
  9. People who suffer from genetic issues too are known to have benefitted from this gem.

The quality of this gemstone is adjudged by its smoothness, luminescence and high specific gravity.

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