Fun and Fantastic Ideas for Return Gifts

Return Gifts

No matter what age, all of us love return gifts. A return gift is a small present given at the end of a party or an event by the host in appreciation of the time spent with them.

Whether it is birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, baby showers or festivals, giving return gifts has become a norm. The gift has to be useful for the guests and not something which they are eager to dispose of. Hence, a lot of thought goes into selecting the perfect return gift.

Return Gifts

  • Return Gifts For Kids Birthday Party

Every child attending a birthday party looks forward for return gifts with unconcealed excitement. The price tag is immaterial to them, and they make a rush for it as soon the party gets over. Some great gifts which would delight them would be:

  • Kids love goody bags. They speculate as to what the bag may contain. A goody bag filled with stationery including colourful pencils, scented erasers, cartoon shaped sharpeners and decorated scrap books will certainly make the child happy and motivated to attend school. You can also fill the bags with candies of different shapes, balloons or stickers.
  • Do-it-yourself kits are the new favourites with kids nowadays. In addition to keeping them busy, these kits will ignite their creativity and their parents will thank you for it. DIY kits could be a science project, a robot assembly kit, sand art, bracelets kit, photo frame kit, puppet kits, or even a T shirt design kit. There is no denial in the fact that a nail art kit would make girls ecstatic.
  • Board games like monopoly and scrabble, jigsaw puzzles, colouring books with crayons all make great return gifts for kids.
  • Return Gifts for Weddings

Wedding is a very special occasion in one’s life and we would want it to be a memorable event for the guests too. In return for their blessings and gifts, we usually give away a parting gift.

  • Women love jewellery and they would be delighted to receive a fancy jewellery box to store in their precious gems and pearls.
  • A box of exotic chocolates, sweets or dry fruits will be a gift, which the entire family can enjoy. You can even mail a gift to pakistan online to those who could not attend the wedding.
  • Personalized crockery, handbags, potlis with inscriptions of the bride’s and groom’s names will always remind the guests how much fun they had during the wedding.
  • Return Gifts for Baby Shower

Baby showers are parties organized to welcome a new arrival in the family. Everything about the party is very cute and baby theme based, including the return gifts.

  • Soaps packed in baby wrappers, pink and blue scented candles, chocolates, cute cushions, all make great baby shower gifts. Pack them in unique boxes of different shapes, which relate to the baby theme. My favourite is a frame with imprints of a baby’s feet.

Big or small, a return gift has fond memories attached to it. Selecting appropriate gifts depending on the occasion will help to make the event a memorable one for the host and the guest.

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