Quality Windows Dedicated Hosting Firms in US Offer Flexible and Reliable Hosting Solutions

Dedicated server as the name suggests is ‘dedicated’ to serve the hosting needs of a single organization. Dedicated hosting as such is the most ideal hosting solution for firms whose websites scores millions of hits everyday and require the power of the entire server to keep their websites available and accessible. Linux and Windows are two different types of operating system used in dedicated server hosting. Windows dedicated servers make use of Windows OS provided by Microsoft Corp.

Hosting Solutions

Windows dedicated hosting as such offers some distinctive advantages as constant support and updated are provided by Microsoft. Moreover majority of the system in the world runs Windows OS which makes them more familiar with people. Also, majority of clients using the Microsoft server hosting use the Active Server Pages (ASP) technology. With the assistance of ASP, you can undoubtedly create a site that is driven by a database using Microsoft Access or Microsoft SQL as the database.

Quality firms offering Windows dedicated hosting in US can facilitate efficient management of high traffic website, portal or social network. Well-known service providers have powerful dedicated servers running Windows OS with the most powerful and advanced configuration that can ensure fast load time for your website along with high levels of security and improved user experience.

Some of the distinct benefits that can be had by hiring the services of a quality provider of Windows dedicated hosting in US are enumerated as following:

Rapid connectivity and higher performance level

Windows dedicated servers using the newest instalment of the Windows operating system give much better speed along with high performance, and highly reliable hosting solutions. Sophisticated servers have new and improved features that ensure exceptionally high uptime and availability of server on continuous basis. The platform also includes greater management efficiency. This simplifies and automates the deployment and virtualization of major workloads. Greater automation invariably results in faster server deployments and quick upgrades.

Customised software

When it comes to dedicated hosting, customers are given the choice of customising the software as per their specific needs and requirements. For example: In initial stage, a client start its application with MS SQL express edition and in later stage, it is feasible to upgrade database to other version of data base like MS SQL STD.

Increased Reliability

Shared hosting despite being cheap and popular has its own share of problems. Many websites are hosted on the same server which means a single rogue website can cause the search engine to ban all the websites present on the same server as they all share the same IP address. Dedicated server hosting by a reputable US service provider will pose no such problems as nobody else has the right to your server. You do not have to worry about the consequences of other account holders’ poorly written scripts or security problems.

Boost your website performance with highly reliable, scalable, and secured Windows dedicated servers.

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